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Tencent WE conference 2017

Why do we explore the universe


Client Profile
WE Conference—born for the future, giving full play to group intelligence, collaborative innovation. The event is dedicated to exploring and sharing the cutting-edge thoughts and technologies in Internet and technology community. It is a transboundary innovative platform for China to link to the world. The event is held by Tencent on an annual basis.

Client Objective
The customer demands to shoot exclusive video for Stephen Hawking, which will be the highlight of Tencent WE conference 2017. The video should be loyal to the speech delivered by Hawking, and meanwhile, achieve the optimal visual presentation.

The Solution
Tencent WE conference 2017 invited scientists in various fields—Hawking, the famous physicist, Yao Qizhi, a Turing Award winner, and Hao Jingfang, a Hugo Award winner—to discuss topics concerning human’s future.

  At the conference, an elderly man sitting in a wheelchair gradually appeared in the view. The opening speaker was a household name—the famous physicist Stephen Hawking. He shared his thoughts about human’s future and universe exploration with his exclusive video speech.

  Following the Tencent WE conference 2016, Hand in Hand once again became the producer of the opening video at the Tencent WE conference 2017. This time, we are trusted with a heavyweight task—shooting exclusive video for Hawking, which will become the highlight of the event.

  The team tossed around from China to England. During this period, we were confronted with many problems, which posed serious challenges to us. However, the core problem we needed to tackle was also the most difficult one—the video should be loyal to the speech delivered by Hawking, and meanwhile, achieve the optimal visual presentation, so that audience could obtain a more direct understanding of the contents about universe.

  In the speech, Hawking put forward the scheme of “Breakthrough Starshot”. “The goal is to turn space travel into reality. If we can make it, we will send a detector to the nearest galaxy in the solar system—Centaurus Alpha galaxy, within the lifetime for some of you.”   How to explain this scheme? Hawking gave the following words. “Breakthrough Starshot” is a real opportunity for the human to take an initial step into the outer space, and to explore and consider the possibility to move to the space. This is a mission of concept verification. Three concepts are involved—mini spacecraft, photodynamic propulsion, and phase-locking laser. “Star Chip” is a space probe whose size is lessened to several centimeters, but with comprehensive functions. It is attached to “Light Sail”. “Light Sail” is made of metamaterial, with weight of several grams. We assume that a thousand of Nano crafts consisting of “Star Chip” and “Light Sail” will be sent to the trajectory. On the ground the laser array will form an ultra-strong light beam, which travels through the atmosphere, and will be sent to the “Light Sail” in the universe at the power of tens of gigawatts.

  For most people, the above paragraph is hard to grasp. But after displayed in picture, it is not so difficult to understand. This presentation method not only tests the team’s in-depth understanding of Hawking’s speech, but also challenges our accuracy in choosing materials.   It is not our first time to produce ultra-wide video, but we cannot take it lightly since details determine success or failure. After overall consideration of the site and audience perception, we decide to present the video with three screens—left, middle, and right screens—to ensure the on-spot viewing effects.

  At last, we would like to present to you some interesting shooting sidelights of us in England. The video is finally presented. This time’s shooting is a rare experience for us. In the past, Hawking appeared in the documentary of BBC, and in the textbook. But this time, in the physics laboratory, he sat right before us, and was recorded by our camera.

Project Outcome
Hawking’s professional speech is presented in wonderful pictures, which balanced the visual effects and audience’s understanding of the speech. The video is displayed in three screens—left, middle, and right screens—to ensure the viewing effects on-spot.