Grain Mill brand story


Grain Mill’s products highlight “nature and no additive”. With these included into consideration, this shooting aims to enhance its brand persuasiveness and the target customers’ trust in the brand and to build a brand image that customers will recognize.

Span across the Land, Pursue the Finest Tea


Within 16 days, a total of 6000 kilometres... profound inquiries after the places of tea production, we have demonstrated the growing environment of tea as well as a whole set of procedures such as harvesting and frying, etc., and have conveyed the brand philosophy "Span across the Land, Pursue the Finest Tea" advocated by Yuanyou Land.

The 2018 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Forum of Finance and Technology


The opening video for 2018 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Forum of Finance and Technology.

The television propaganda film for the second season of “The Reader”


The television propaganda film for the second season of “The Reader”.Through a series of questions, we would like the audience thinking about the reading.

Zoneco Group


We profoundly interpreted and concretely expressed the brand concept of Zoneco, which strengthened the market influence of Zoneco as well as delivered a new and healthy lifestyle to customers.

Tencent WE conference 2017


Tencent WE conference 2017,the famous physicist Stephen Hawking shared his thoughts about human’s future and universe exploration with his exclusive video speech.

Tengyun Think Tank


On June 20th, the first Forum on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area hosted by Tencent was held in Hong Kong. The theme of this forum is “Building China’s World-class Bay Area”.

Tencent Finance


"We Remit" port of Philippines remittance products, make remittance 5 hours long queue for a few seconds of easy operation, the financial services benefit this special group of mother, let the power of science and technology to connect the heart.

Tencent Technology


In order to fit the vision of Tencent AI Lab (Make AI Everywhere), we selected some for various scenes of life, so as to vividly present all the fields involved with Tencent AI.

Tencent Technology


Tencent WE Summit 2016, Under the theme of Empower, we succeed in producing a summary blockbuster fitting the theme for WE Summit, with sense of science and technology and humanistic feelings, and provide the audience with a visual feast.

Gemflavour Food


Niangao, lap cheong, moon cake, as traditional Chinese foods, we combine the target audience and brand needs, will be the traditional food and young, clever integration of its new interpretation.

Tian Wang


According to the brand's phase-by-phase strategy, we offer market guiding. This commercial achieves effective communication with young consumers while raising brand recognition, using the motto "who moves ahead of time grasps the opportunity".

Reserve Your Happiness


Galaxy Macau is a world-class Asian-themed casino resort destination in Macau, distinct from other local operators with its “World Class, Asian Heart” motto.

Zhangzi Impression


We cooperated with KL&K Design to upgrade the brand image and provided a comprehensive video solution and content planning from a strategic and marketing perspective.