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Sky above, earth below: a trip to Wugumofang in Yunnan

On the night of August 26, 2016, our bleary-eyed production team members, rushed to take the flight to Kunming, carrying along heavy equipment cases. At the time, everybody’s silent monologue is like: “just allow me a little nap before landing!”

What the hell is going on? We are officially starting the shooting of a series of commercials for Wugumofang, a Chinese health food brand – featuring walnuts, Chinese yams and sesame seeds – with our crew traveling extensively to Dali and Kunming (Yunnan), Guilin (Guangxi), Jiujiang (Jiangxi) and Huanggang (Hubei), in a planned three-month, cross-provincial shooting journey.




In Yunnan, in addition to shooting the selection and processing of ingredients at the Wugumofang factory in Kunming, we also visit their walnut-growing base – Yanbei Village, Yongping County, known as the top walnut producing area in China, where walnut forests spread throughout, across fields, gullies and valleys, unfolding spectacularly green landscapes.




But besides the beautiful scenery, our young crew is also facing great challenges. We have to run back and forth across the fields, shoulder-carrying heavy stuff. What a movie in itself! Under a blue sky, embracing machines, slogging on with muddy shoes (please visualize in your own imagination). Needless to say, in this high plateau, the worst are the harmful effects of UV radiation. Whether they have been over concentrated on work or have a poor memory, all our fellows reveal their shock and sadness when they look into the morning mirror: “How could I have darkened so much overnight? Is that me?!”






But shooting on location always has its risks. Working in a natural setting, open to all possibilities, is a mixed blessing experience. As much as we love it, we’d sigh: just endure it all for the sheer moments of shooting!


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