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Would you care about a “sesame” thing?

We often hear the remark “why would you care about such a seasame thing?” when talking with people. Although there are a lot of things that we may not need to care about, the “sesame” thing shall be cared about.

There was a breakfast and soybean milk bar in the downstairs of my home. The sound of tapping on the table came out often and some people might take it as someone was angry. The truth was that the tables in the old days were made of wood pieces and some sesame might fall into the gaps between two pieces of wood. People could not pick the sesame by hand but could not bear the loss of a crispy seame, so they tapped on the table heavily to make the sesame jump out of the gap.

The plan of shooting the sesame in Jiujiang city of Jiangxi province reminds me of that interesting thing.



Jiujiang is the northest city of Jiangxi Province and locates in the junction of Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan and Anhui. It has 2/3 of the water area of Poyang Lake which makes it an abundant place.

On our way to Jiujiang, we experienced beautiful scenery and simple folk custom. The endless and large green fileds and the distant boats floating on the lake reminded me of the scene in the poem “proud eagle flies high in the sky, with rosy clouds floating aside; the river runs far near the horizon, reflecting the same color of blue sky.”


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Jiujiang not only yields a lot of rice, soybean and cotton but also yields a lot of good quality sesame. The sesame is black, plumpy and fragrant. The sesame basically relies on artificial planting and harvesting. People tie them up, pile them up, dry them and use a wooden stick to beat the seasame seeds down. After that, they will collect, select and dry the sesame seeds carefully. Only after that, the sesame seed is qualified for sales. During the filming, we lived in the local farmer’s home. We lived and ate with them, and naturally understood the process.





As a matter of fact, the sesame which fell in the table gap when we were young, selected by the farmers or under our camera is insignificant, or “sesame”. While even thought insignificant, those sesame thing shall still be cared about carefully.


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