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Creating With Minds – Record for the Shooting Trip for OCT Image Film

In the last few months since the end of last year, the team of Hand in Hand Production has traveled from Shenzhen to Yunnan and then to Chengdu, busy shooting the OCT brand image film.


OCT Group, as a large central state-owned enterprise and a sign brand in China’s tourism and cultural industries, involves so many cities and forms of business and so large scales of them that we have been had much difficulty with creative planning and shooting implementation. Guided by the national new urbanization strategy, OCT has proposed the development model of “culture + tourism + urbanization”, developed many new-type ancient towns with special characteristics in Shenzhen and Sichuan, and laid out all-for-one tourism in Yunnan and Hainan. The brand image film this time was based on the strategic adjustment, to further update and show OCT’s corporate image.



▲ Erhai Lake

In Shenzhen, we selected a number of representative forms of business, including cultural theme park – Happy Valley, tourist resort area – East OCT, urban tourism complex – Happy Coast, and OCT Cultural and Creative Park. And in Yunnan, Cang Mountain and Erhai Lake, magnificent Jiaozi Snow Mountain, Hani nationality’s works of art Yuanyang Terraced Fields, and the mountainous Balog Zon were recorded one by one by our camera lens. And then in Chengdu, we shot Anren Ancient Town with a long history and Huanglongxi Ancient Town with beautiful scenery.



▲ Jiaozi Snow Mountain



▲ Yuanyang Terraced Fields



▲Balog Zon



▲ Huanglong Ancient Town

Later, our team will also go to Beijing and other places to shoot films, and we will put the completed films on our website. Sincerely hope you continue to pay attention.

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