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“Remit Happiness”, after the golden reward, won the Effie award in greater China

Known as the marketing world “Oscar” Effie Awards, for advertisers and agencies recognized the outstanding global marketing communications industry Awards, is the only a greater China into the international effectiveness index ranking, is a measure of enterprise marketing value within the scope of the industry from the global best list.


The case of “Remit Happiness”, which is co-operated by tencent and hand in hand, won the silver award of public welfare and brand public welfare, and tencent won the silver award of corporate reputation in this case. As the film producer, hand in hand is honored to share this honor with tencent. This is another major award for “Remit Happiness” after the golden award.

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In this film, we described a group of special people, the Filipino domestic workers. There are one hundred thousand of them in Hong Kong. Used to use cash, they have to go to Central during their break time by taking various transportation methods to remit to support their family. We, Remit, as a mobile remitting product, enables to turn a time-consuming thing into an easy work which can be done anytime and anywhere.

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The producing team stayed tuned to the job characteristics of Filipino domestic workers and the problem of remitting. Our innovative point is, with the cases of people in our life as the emotional echo, to show the functional ability of pragmatically solving problem.

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We filmed in Hong Kong and Philippine at the same time. Through surprisingly contacting their families online, we let them feel the convenience and joy brought by the real-time transfer. And this also represents Tencent’ original purpose of caring about small groups, connecting everything technology and empowering people.

Connecting the strong relevance between the film and festival, Remit Happiness was played in theaters on the Mother’ Day. And its exposure has largely over-paced our expectation, with over 20 million amounts of play on Tencent video, over 100,000 amounts of reading of its passages on its official account. It also has been reposted by famous accounts of Weibo and WeChat official accounts and aroused hit discussion among netizens. And it was praised as the most touched and warm ad.

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The Remit Happiness, success, on the one hand is the public nature of the product itself, on the other hand, through the film to establish product emotional connection with people, combined with holiday spread, struck a chord with the public, for the brand to create a good social influence.

In the future, hand in hand will continue to work hard to bring you more and better works.


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